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Emerald by fashionfrenzyforever featuring a clasp purse
A W A K E v neck cocktail dress
€1.285 -

Bordello turquoise pumps
€130 -

Rafe clasp purse
€54 -

Lovely Leather

Lovely Leather by fashionfrenzyforever featuring a black purse
Moschino white spaghetti strap shirt
€1.015 -

Black skirt
€11 -

Christian Louboutin pointed toe pumps
€1.255 -

Chanel black purse
€2.535 -

Favorite Outfit from the internet

June, 5, 2015
Every Friday I go out on my different social media platform and choose an outfit that I think deserves some praise. It can be from a celebrity, a magazine, or even someone who posted a nice #ootd.  This weeks is from polyvore. It is Untitled #4409 by eleanorsclosettt

This outfit is simply yet expresses who you are. The jacket gives a sort of 90's feeling to it. The boots look vintage and the black jeans, white top, and black purse show that it is still very simplistic. 

The Entourage


Untitled #171

Untitled #171 by fashionfrenzyforever featuring platform sandals
White t shirt
€7,11 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors short shorts
€83 -

Soles platform sandals
€30 -

Forever 21 pocket purse
€16 -

Circle sunglasses
€9,85 -


Golden by fashionfrenzyforever featuring a bandage dress
Posh Girl bandage dress
€150 -

Chanel platform shoes
€380 -

Tom Ford black handbag
€4.005 -

My schedule

This will be the outline for what I will post for each day. It will be started in a few weeks. but here is the outline.
Sunday: Product of the Week
Monday: Outfit from Polyvore
Tuesday: Outfit from Polyvore
Wednesday: My Outfit of the Week
Thursday: Outfit from Polyvore
Friday: Favorite Outfit from the Internet
Saturday: Outfit from Polyvore
Once every month I will make a post going more in depth on some of the season's new trends. Once every season I will make a post with all of that season's trends.

Make sure to follow me to know when I post. Hope to help those going through a Fashion Disaster.

If you would like to have your products featured e-mail me:

Untitled #167

Untitled #167 by fashionfrenzyforever featuring round metal frame glasses
Emanuel Ungaro top
€1.460 -

Versace shorts
€745 -

Shellys shoes
€72 -

Christian Dior mini bag

Linda Farrow round metal frame glasses
€280 -


Mahogany by fashionfrenzyforever featuring a v neck shift dress
TFNC v neck shift dress
€24 -

High heel stiletto pumps
€36 -

Alberta Di Canio real leather handbag
€79 -