Must haves from

Must haves from Lyla Loves  is an amazing accessory store with products ranging from earring and necklaces to bag and phone cases. They even ship world wide which is amazing. This is my "wishlist" of their pieces that everyone needs in their wardrobe. 

1. Resin Wire Wrapped Shard Necklace

€ 10.08

2. Gold Diamond Necklace

€ 3.78

3. Two Finger Oil Slick Ring

€ 3.78

4. Gold Diamond Pendant

€ 3.78

5. Silver Paper Airplane Pendant

€ 3.78

6. Gold Cut-Out Bird Pendant

€ 3.78

To get the product above click on there titles and to look at all their other gorgeous product click here. These are just a few of their great product and they have many more that are amazing.  You are bound to find something you will love.  Make sure to share so everyone knows about their amazing product.  Thank you and Stay Stylish.

 -Ethen Armstrong

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