Product of the Week

Product of the week: "Milano" Shoulder Bag

Product of the week is a product that I have found that I think is unique, interesting, or a must-have. I choose a new one every week. *These are not sponsored and I don't get paid for this, it is 100% my own opinion.*

This weeks product is from Designinverso. It is their silver tone fuax leather "milano" shoulder bag.

Price:  $130.12

This bag comes in many different colors and styles. They are quilted and have a chain corresponding the color of the label.  Some have a matte look to it such as the one pictured above, others have a more glossy effect and some have a clear outer layer to it.

It may be pretty expensive but just the look is gorgeous. This bag would be something to invest in. The second I saw them I fell in love. This silver one and the gold version are my favorite because of the matte looks they have to them. 

Sorry for posting a bit late. I'm still trying to get used to the schedule and once school is out it should be on time.

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